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The assessment of each horse will take place during the first appointment, Rosalind will take a full history of the horse, the reason for the treatment i.e overall check, injury, feeding, stabling etc. the horse will then be walked and trotted up. The horse may need to be lunged or ridden also. Rosalind will then check range of movement in each limb, head and neck and pelvis. The pelvis will be checked for any misalignments and overall check of muscles will be carried out also. Rosalind will then proceed with a treatment plan for the initial treatment. Once this has been carried out a plan for future treatments will be discussed if necessary and any stretches for the owner to do, specific ridden or ground work will be discussed.

During the assessment process Rosalind will tailor the horse’s treatment plan to its particular needs.  Combining various treatments options to ensure that your horse has the best outcome. If you have a specific treatment request i.e myofascial release only this is also available.


Equine sports massage

Equine sports massage is the therapeutic application of professional sports massage techniques applied to the horse. A thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles are the basis of the proven physical and mental therapy.

This treatment involves massaging the horse muscles which in turn can show up where there is tightness, adhesions, atrophy (muscle wastage) etc, this treatment also incorporates stretching of the horse limbs, head and neck and also some core and hind end strengthening work if appropriate.


Equine Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a specific, hands-on treatment which focuses on gentle, refined, sustained stretching techniques, addressing connective tissue called fascia.

Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue which is found throughout the body.  This collagenous tissue covers all organs, muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels.  The properties of the tissue include protection, support, and elasticity.  It also gives shape and resiliency to the involved structures, like a three-dimensional stocking.

Restrictions or injury to this fascial component (through trauma or chronic holding patterns related to stress) can create pain or disfunction throughout the body, even affecting areas unrelated to the original injury site.  The collagen fibers adhere to inappropriate surrounding structures in an attempt to heal the area, while, at times, actually creating a restriction in the tissue.

Treatment involves a hands-on approach to “release” the restrictions and create a more balanced structural alignment of the body.  The body is a dynamic, self-correcting mechanism and needs equilibrium to facilitate healing and optimum function


Animal Neuromuscular release

This is a soft tissue release and nervous system stimulation technique.

It uses a combination of instrument stimulation and release using an animal adjustment tool, manual adjustments and stretches plus stimulation of acupuncture points using a cold laser. The use of Kinesiotaping is available if necessary to increase range of movement, relieve pain and facilitate joint movement, increases blood flow and circulation of lymph.

This treatment allows the body to align and balance itself. It addresses any areas of neurological miscommunication between the brain and vertebral segments through motion applied to the vertebral segments with the animal adjusting tool.

The tool used stimulates both the nervous system and releases the soft tissue, it fires at 2-4 milliseconds and provides movement into the joint segment and /or associated soft tissues much quicker then one’s hands can.


Equine Craniosacral

Equine Craniosacral treatment focuses on bringing balance throughout the skeletal and muscular systems with specific focus on the individual bones of the skull, spine and sacrum.

This technique is a very gentle hands on therapy which encourages the horse to release the restricted movement of the bones of the skull, spine and pelvis.

This treatment is especially goo for nervous and anxious horses.

This treatment id good for horses that suffer from head shaking, hind end injuries, head trauma, TMJ Disfunction (Jaw), lameness, cribbing, grinding teeth, difficulty in making transitions and many other concerns.


Horse and Rider

Rosalind is also qualified in Sports and Remedial massage, Acupuncture and Kinesiotaping for People.

She offers a horse and rider treatment which will assess the horse and rider for any imbalances which are happening within the partnership.

It is Important that riders understand how much influence they have on their horses. With Rosalind working with both the horse and the rider she can see the strengths and weaknesses of both and works together to bring the partnership together.

A riders problems can often become an issue for the horse and any stiffness within the rider will cause postural and balance problems which are then passed directly onto the horse and influencing how they move.

This treatment can help improve balance in the saddle, increases flexibility, improves seat, posture, reduce tension and will help the rider become more body aware.

Please allow 2.5 hours if i have not seen the horse before and 2 hours if the horse is already receiving treatment.




Reduction in pain and tension

Improved behaviour

Improve circulation

Increase range of movement and suppleness

Improved gait quality

Increased strength

Improved proprioception

Reduce muscle atrophy
or hypertrophy

Reduce risk of injury

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RD Equine Therapies

75 East Princes Street  Helensburgh G84 7DQ

Tel: 07500 887088

Email: esmscotland@yahoo.co.uk

© RD Equine Therapies

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75 East Princes Street, Helensburgh G84 7DQ


75 East Princes Street, Helensburgh G84 7DQ